Project Results

The LEEN TEEN project activities are focusing on two directions:

1. PROJECT WEBSITE & E-TWINNING PROJECT PAGE will be an overview of the entire project activities (Learning/Training/Teaching Events and Local Events like Charity Event, Artistic Event etc).
2. The CASE STUDIES are the core tangible results of the LEEN-TEEN project because they generate the Intellectual Output of the project, Let’s Be Non-Formal! Let’s Enterprise and integration of best practices into the curriculum. Case studies are a result of specific activities as:
– workshops: How to design artistic/charity/product promotion/fundraising event;
– design&simulation of a specific event (artistic/charity/product promotion/fundraising);
– implementation of a specific event (artistic/charity/product promotion/fundraising) in each Strategic Partnership country;
– feed-back/evaluation of a specific event (artistic/charity/product promotion/Leen teen logo 500fundraising) that will take place in the next Transnational Learning/Training/Teaching Activities meetings.
3. PERSONAL PORTFOLIO will include CV, letter of application, letter of intent, character references etc. It is a result of the Personal Marketing training session.
4. The Entrepreneurship through Non-Formal Activities Curriculum will be a result of following steps: target group surveys/needs analyses about the necessity of implementing of such curriculum. The Curriculum will be implemented in The National College Iasi starting with the school year 2016.
5.PROJECT PORTFOLIO will include project logos/posters, project presentations realized in the project activities.

II. INTANGIBLE RESULTS are the focus of the LEEN TEEN project. These results will be achieved through specific non-formal activities as workshops (Personal Marketing; Negotiation and Interpersonal Skills though Drama; Be a Leader! Managing your Team), training sessions (Product Branding, Promotion and Marketing; Personal Marketing) and competitions (EuroGame: European Snapshots from…, logo/poster competition) For example, the EuroGame: European Snapshots from… will allow participants to research and assembly a Photo/Video presentation on a different topic choose by each country (e.g. People, Places, Foods, Traditions, Free Time). This activity only, will have the following result: increased flexibility and creativity; better language skills; better knowledge and understanding of non-formal pedagogical methods and tools; openness to cultural diversity and increased tolerance; increased cooperation between institutions (local and international); better interpersonal skills.